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Part I Reading Comprehension(2* 20 points)

Passage 3

  The way people hold to the belief that a fun-illed, pain free life equals happiness actually reduces their chances of ever attaining real happiness. If fun and pleasure are equal to happiness then pain must be equal to unhappiness. But in fact, the opposite is true: more often than not things that lead to happiness involve some pain.

  As a result, many people avoid the very attempts that are the source of true happiness. They fear the pain inevitably brought by such things as marriage, raising children, professional achievement,religious commitment, self-improvement.

  Ask a bachelor why he resists marriage even though he finds dating to be less and less satisfying.

  If he is honest he will tell you that he is afraid of making a commitment. For commitment is in fact quite painful. The single life is illedl with fun, adventure, excitement. Marriage has such moments, but they are not its most distinguishing features.

  Couples with infant children are lucky to get a whole night's sleep or three-day vacation. I don't know any parent who would choose the word fun to describe raising children.But couples who decide not to have children ever know the joys of watching a child grow upor of playing with a grandchild.

  Understanding and accepting that true happiness has nothing to do with fun is one of the most liberating realizations. It liberates time: now we can devote more hours to activities that can genuinely increase our happiness. It liberates money: buying that new car or those fancy clothes that will do nothing to increase our happiness now seems pointless. And it liberates us from envy: we now understand that all those who are always having so much fun actually may not be happy at all.

1. According to the author, a bachelor resists marriage chiefly because.

A. he is reluctant to take on family responsibilties

B. he believes that life will be more cheerful if he remains single

C. he finds more fiun in dating than in marriage

D. he fears it will put an end to all his fun adventure and excitement

2. Raising children, in the author's opinion, is.

A. a moral duty

B. a thankless job

C. a rewarding task

D. a source of inevitable pain

3. From the last paragraph, we learn that envy sometimes stems form -.

A. hatred

B. misunderstanding

C. prejudice

D. ignorance

4.To understand what true happiness in, one must_____

A. have as much fiun as possible during one's lifetime.

B. make every effort to liberate oneself from pain

C. put up with pain under all circumstances

D. be able to distinguish happiness from fun

5. What is the author trying to tell us?

A. Happiness often goes hand in hand with pain.

B. One must know how to attain happiness.

C. It is important to make commitments.

D. It is pain that leads to happiness.


1. 诃汇:专升本考试核心词汇、四级问汇


3.答题技巧: a.掌握 “词汇+语法”确保看懂句子、文章



PartⅡ Close (1*20 points)

You've just been given a major task and want to do it well, but it seems that the minute you get started, you' re interrupted. First, Jane stops by. Then, it's the phone. Later, your boss tells you to drop everything-- she's got a rush job. And you have that meeting at three!

All these things are important. If only you could rearrange them without breaking your concentration, And you can! We' ve heard about Quality time at home-- why not quality time on the job.

Begin by finding out those parts of the day during which you' re most creative. You may work best in the morning or in the afternoon. No matter--

just find your time and build a wall around it.

Say that for you, quality time begins at ten, Focus on your major task then, and don't let anything interrupt you. If you have a secretary, tell her or him to hold all calls and visitors, if you don't, try to ask a colleague to help you. The point is that both outsiders and colleagues will know that you will not be available for a part of each day, Why? Because you are working!

Prepare for this special block of time as carefully as you would for an important meeting, Don't waste precious minutes searching for memos of notes. Be ready to begin precisely at ten, and get the most out of every second, You might like to use your block simply for thinking about a project,problem or a new idea.

Start small-- maybe thirty or forty minutes, three times a week, building up to at least an hour.

Sure, you'll have to chip away at your block a itte sometimes, but guard that hour as you would any other valued possession.







剪纸(paper cutting)是中国最为流行的传统民间艺术形式之一。中国剪纸有一千五百多年的历史,在明朝和清朝时期( the Ming and Qing Dymasties)特别流行。人们常用剪紙美化居家环境。特别是在春节和婚庆期间,剪纸被用来装饰门窗和房闻,以增加喜庆的气氛。剪纸最常用的颜色是红色,象征健康和兴旺。中国剪纸在世界各地很受欢迎,经常被用作馈赠外国友人的礼物。

Paper cutting is one of Chiha' most popular traditional folk arts. Chinese paper cutting has a history of more than 1, 500 years. It was widespread particularly during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, People often beautify their homes with paper cuttings. During the Spring Festival and wedding celebrations, in particular, paper cuttings are used to decorate doors, windows and rooms in order to enhance the joyous atmosphere, The color most frequently used in paper cutting is red,which symbolizes health and prosperity. Chinese paper cutting is very popular around the world and it is often given as a present to foreign friends.


4.There were so many customers in the shop during the Spring Festival that shop assistant couldn't offer timely service to all of them.

5.As long as he works hard, we don't mind when he finishes it.



[参考答案] The harder you work, the more progres you can make.


[参考答案] Whoever you are,you should obey the law.


[参考答案] This is the most beautiful city that he has seen.


[参考答案] we wish that the school will have an exciting development in the future.


[参考答案] The government convinced the public that this matter will be solved soon after.

Part VI Error Correction(2* 10 points)

61. It is hard for me to get ready for the trip all by me.

62. IfI had wings, I will fly back to my hometown as soon as possible.

63.We can't go outside now because the rain is too big.

64. Those who have not hand in compositions are required band it in today.

65. Because it costs too much, the tool limit in practical use.

66. His friends appreciate to work with him, because he has a good sense of humor.

67. Neither I nor his friends was interested in this novel when it was published.

68.Weather permits, she will go out for a walk after supper with her parents.

69.It was in the 2000 when the country successfully launched the first manned spaceship.

70. He came to an conclusion that the greatest speed in the universe was that of light.





Part Ⅶ Writing(1*20 points)

Different Attitudes Towards Shopping





Nowadays, with the rapid development short and increasing popularity of the information and technology, shopping online, though sometimes coupled with (伴随) doubts and distrust, has been a fashion especially among the youngsters (年轻人,少年) , -----youth (青年,青春)

Of course it is reshaping our way of(重塑... ) life and making  it much more cosy as for (关于,至于)me. For one thing, shopping online can save a great deal of time on the way, thus people could be more concentrated on(集中在…上) their work or study. For another, the internet has largely shorten the distance (缩短距离) between manufacturers (制造商) and consumers ---that's why we can even buy foreign goods at a lower price (以...样的价格) .

Above all, the trend of shopping online is irreversible and more people will be finally accustomed to (习惯于... ) it. Dishonesty or distrust may still be there for a long time, but they

are also reasons to urge an improvement, aren't they?

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